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Party Hire

Party Hire Is Now Available At The Biggest Lollie Shop In The World


If you’re planning a party or event and need a party light or a fog machine to take your party to the next level, then hiring a light or fog machine is perfect for you.


No setting up needed for the lights and latest LED technology is being used which is brighter, draws less heat than normal halogen globes.


Each Light or Fog Machine requires a $50 security bond that covers the light or fog machine for any damages 

The Hire period is 2 days, every day that the light, fog machine is late $5 is deducted from your bond.

All lights and fog machines can be ordered over the phone or in store, atleast 3 days is needed


Credit Card And Drivers Licence Is Needed When Hiring 

smoke-1.jpg1000w Fog Machine - $30.00 (Hire) All Fog Machines come with wireless remote and fluid



rsz-crystal1-111.jpgLED Beamz - $30.00 (Hire)


ggladiator200.jpgRed/Green Laser- $30.00 (Hire)


bl-starburst2.jpgLED Starburst Light $40.00 (Hire)


led-chaser.jpgChaser LED Light $20.00 (Hire)